Our Mission

The mission of the Wembley & District Agricultural Society is to provide quality recreational facilities, opportunities and events to the residents of Wembley and surrounding rural areas.

Our Values

The Wembley & District Agricultural Society is guided by the following beliefs and characteristics in the implementation of its business activities and organizational management

  • Strong volunteer base
  • Strong community involvement
  • Sound and responsible financial planning
  • Honest and ethical business practices
  • Forming partnerships with external organizations
  • Professionalism

Our Brief History

Before the year 1974, there was no recreation complex in Wembley. Hockey and other
skating were done on an outdoor rink, and an old building served as the curling rink. In
1974, a group of ambitious people put their heads together and decided it was time for
Wembley to have a recreational complex. After investigating, they found out that to
qualify for the grant money to build this complex, they would have to form an agricultural
society. So, after careful planning, the Wembley & District Agricultural Society was
created; through hard work and dedication, the grant money was obtained.

Along with other donations and hundreds of hours of volunteer work the dream of a
recreational complex became a reality. The building and concrete work were contracted
out, all the partitions and other work was done by the volunteers. The ice plant for the
curling rink and the curling rocks were donated by the curling club, from the old rink.
The pipes were laid on sand, there was still natural ice for hockey at this time. In
1979/80 artificial ice, complete with concrete floor, was installed in the skating arena. In
1986, a new edition was put on the North end of the building to house dressing rooms
meeting rooms and provide a heated viewing area. This time where the dressing rooms
used to be, was renovated and became the curling lounge area. In 1988 the ice level of
the curling rink was lowered to offer better viewing from the lounge and the concrete
was installed.

Today, there is no longer a curling rink but instead, it was repurposed as a multi-use
space. The former lounge space has been used for several different business
opportunities over the years and is currently home to our Youth Drop In Centre. The
Agricultural Society consists of 12 board members with different representatives from
the community and surrounding area.

Meet The Board Of Directors

  • PRESIDENT: Natasha Boileau-Byrne
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Justin Pede
  • TREASURER: Courtney Carson
  • SECRETARY: Jessica Turner
  • DIRECTOR: Eric Sundstrom
  • DIRECTOR: Bailee Wills
  • DIRECTOR: Sean McCallum
  • DIRECTOR: Richelle LaCoste
  • DIRECTOR: Trina Lenton
  • DIRECTOR: Natasha Price